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That missing splash guard / under pan on your car – Is it important?

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That piece of plastic that fell off your car while on the highway is more than just a pain in your commute.  These under pans or splash guards are very important to the function of the car AND your comfort. 

Splash guards or under pans keep air flow where it is intended through the radiator /condenser!  They play a major role in proper cooling of the vehicle.  These pieces serve multiple purposes.  First, they reduce drag on your vehicle and create a smoother, quieter, and more efficient ride.  Without the splash guard, you would have air moving under the front bumper creating a negative pressure wave behind the radiator.  This makes it harder for the vehicle to cool not only the engine, but also the passenger compartment, reducing AC efficiency.  The added stress on cooling systems can add up to far more than the cost of replacing the splash guard/under pan and the short visit to the shop.  Most of these splash guards/under pans are fairly inexpensive and can be installed in minutes.  Have your car inspected today and let us get it back to maximum efficiency for you and your wallet!  Visit our website at or email us at with any questions or call 772-220-2255.  Ryan Giddings, Owner.

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