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Church Street Garage Team

You Get A Little More...

At Church Street Garage, we specialize in European Auto Repair since 1988 and have established a longstanding relationship with the community for our expertise in diagnostics and repair of European Automobiles, including Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and even Sprinter. With Church Street Garage, you get a little more than what you get elsewhere. You get highly trained technicians that thoroughly inspect and diagnose your vehicle, a mindset of superior quality and customer service as the first priority, honest and fair pricing, personalized customer service, and the industry's best warranty on parts and labor. We are a locally owned business that take pride in our work and have a relentless passion for what we do. Come visit us and experience the difference. We are YOUR Dealer Alternative when it comes to European Auto Repair!


Engine Service & Repair

We can and do perform any engine service. From oil change to full rebuild, our trained technicians take great care of your vehicle’s engine. 

    • Engine
    • Electronic dme diagnostic
    • Variable camshaft diagnostic and repair
    • Any emission related repairs
    • Leak diagnostic
    • Performance modifications
    • Upgrading of common fail components 
    • Rebuilt parts with triple the WARRANTY and half the cost
BMW Engine Repair 


 Electrical diagnosis and repair

Electrical Diagnostics

At Church Street Garage we not only have the tools and equipment to diagnose your vehicle’s electrical and electronic systems, we have the experience! Church Street Garage is the leader in Mercedes Benz & BMW electrical diagnostics on the Treasure Coast!  
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Engine Service

Electrical Diagnostics

Church Street Garage is owned and operated by Ryan Giddings "The Eurocar Whisperer"