Best Warranty and Price Guarantee

Manufacturers' parts

At Church Street Garage we use only the finest parts available, directly from the manufacturer of your car.  This is important! 

Many repair shops use cheap, non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer ) parts.  They save a few dollars using parts of inferior quality parts.  Not so with Church Street Garage.  We use parts only of the highest quality, the parts that the manufacturer used when they built your car.  You've invested in the highest quality car available.  Why would you use parts that are not up to manufacturers' specs?  The long-term reliability of your vehicle depends on the quality of the parts.

Nation-wide warranty - 36 Months or 36,000 miles

With each repair at Church Street Garage we provide you with a 36 month, 36,000 mile warranty.  This warranty will be honored at repair shops nationwide.  Our repairs are warranted against failure and your repairs will be covered.  Like any warranty, there are some exclusions for normal wear items, gaskets and seals, etc. 

36 Month, 36,000 mile warranty on seals and gaskets

At Church Street Garage we are so confident in our repairs that we even warrant seals and gaskets for 36 months or 36,000 miles.  You won't find a warranty like this anywhere else on the Treasure Coast.  We are able to do this because the owner / operator of Church Street Garage is hands-on.  He KNOWS about the quality of your repair first-hand!  

Best Price Guarantee

Church Street Garage guarantees that we will meet or beat the price for repair or maintenance on your vehicle.  If you have a price that is lower than what we quote at Church Street Garage, we will meet or beat that price on comparable repairs or maintenance.  By "comparable" we mean using the manufacturer specified parts, fluids, seals and gaskets. 

Don't let an unrealistically low price fool you.  Church Street Garage could use inferior quality parts and fluids, but we won't.  Experience always teaches that "You get what you pay for."  We pay for the best and you get the best quality parts and repairs.

Bring us any estimate for a repair or maintenance on your vehicle and we will prove to you that we are the best value repair shop available!

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