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Why changing your Cabin Air Filter can save you money and headaches

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Many consumers feel it is unnecessary to change their cabin air filters in their vehicles and it is just a way for the repair shops to make money.  Worse yet, many consumers are not aware they have these filters in their cars and are not given the opportunity to understand what they do and why they are important.  If breathing fresh air isn’t a good enough reason to change your A/C filters, consider this – a clogged cabin air filter dramatically affects cooling efficiency in your vehicle.  The AC compressor will have to run longer and harder to cool the vehicle, which drags down fuel efficiency.  The blower motor also works harder wearing out expensive mechanical and electrical parts prematurely.  A good quality cabin air filter or set of filters for European automobiles, Mercedes-Benz and BMW generally cost around $15-$25, but some can run anywhere from $60-$90, depending on the vehicle requirements.  Replacing your AC compressor and other related AC components can cost a couple thousand dollars.  Would you leave the same filter in your AC system at home for years?  Not likely.  Well, the same is true for your car.  Have your cabin air filters checked regularly during your maintenance services and extend the life of your AC system and breath healthier air.  Visit our website at or email us at with any questions or call 772-220-2255.  

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